Container Repairs and Marine Logistics Malta
Container Repairs Malta
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What We Do

Our services cover all areas of container repairs and marine logistics from inspections and general repairs to sales and leasing, spare parts, storage, offshore equipment, oilfield services, tug and supply vessels, ship repairs and more.

What We Offer?

Terminal Jobs Monitoring of the Fleet Scrapping container operations Maritime Consultancies Reefer Pre-trips + Maintenance Oilfield Services Container Inspections (General) & Repairs Container Refurbishment & Modifications (for offshore and according the needs of the client) Container Neutralising and Re-Numbering of Owned Containers Assisting Operations International Projects Conversion Projects for Container Units Temporary Repairs on Containers (to prevent crosstufing, done at the terminal) Modifications (such as Open Top Containers) Tarpaulin Supply (on order) Container Parts Container Sales & Leasing Container Trading Container Storage Facilities & Haulage Offshore Equipment (such as certified containers and any lashing equipment needed) Change of Container Logos and Decals (from ownership to ownership, according to the request) Supply of Special Equipment (such as open sided containers, open tops and other equipment) General Lashing Equipment Reefer Repairs – Structural & Technical Tools and Machinery for the Marine Industry Generator Supply Offshore and Inshore Services Bunkers & Lube Oil Supply to Vessels Tug & Supply Vessels Such as Towage & Conveyances Ship Repairs Crew Change and Husbandry